Officials play an important role in making thousands of events run smoothly. From working national championships to officiating high-school track meets, officials are essential for maintaining the highest levels of integrity at all levels of competition. This section offers resources for current officials, as well as those seeking certification.

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News for Officials

Official Rules 2017-2020
Officials Chair- Brent Smith
For the current certification period, there are two critical changes that will impact everyone.  A current Background Check through USATF and completion of the Safe Sport training.

Background Check- Currently this is not the same Background Check as performed for USATF Youth or Registered Coaches.  They are working to make it the same 2-year background check.

Safe Sport- Starting November 1, 2016, all USATF Officials must complete the Safe Sport Training prior to certification or re-certification. There are no exceptions to this policy.

All Apprentice Officials who had an initial certification in 2016 will not have to re certify for the new 2016-2020 Olympiad.

Starting November 1,2016 here is the process to re certify:
  • Have a current USATF Membership
  • Complete the USATF Officials Application for certification and recertification
  • Complete the Background Check
  • Complete the Safe Sport program

Submit the $40.00 recertification fee via the association PayPal (You do not have to have a PayPal account, you can use your Credit or Debit card.) No checks, cash or money orders will be accepted, ($ 20.00 National, $20.00 Association.)
Take and submit the appropriate Review; Apprentice, Association, National, and Masters Level Rules reviews are available on line by choosing one of the PayPal buttons below. After completion of payment your browser will automatically be forwarded to the On-Line Rules Review. Links to the appropriate Rule Books will be provided in the instructions.

1. Apprentice Review

2. Association Review

3. National Review

4. Masters Review*

* For Masters Review only: This review will have parts 1 & 2 online. When those two parts are finished please email us at We will then send you parts 3 & 4. (Make sure to use the same exact email that was used when paying with PayPal).

After you have completed and submitted the online review, your status will be forwarded to the National Office who will then complete the process by issuing the new cards and updating the data base.

ID Cards- This is a National problem. Although I have dropped the ball on a couple of folks, for which I apologize, the larger issue is two-fold. One is that there is a delay at the national level, in both the process and the personnel. The second is that there has been a reluctance by USATF to incorporate officials into current USATF membership distribution systems. Hence cards are sent to me, and I then must re-send cards. Rather than being directly sent to individual officials.

USATF Membership: USATF member
USATF Officials Application:
Officials Background Check: USATF background screen
Safe Sport Training:
Rule Books:
Paypal: / email address: